A short presentation

A short presentation

Who are we?
RIR Revision is a state authorised public accountancy company servicing clients in a wide range of business sectors since 1922 - consistently staying at the forefront of our profession in terms of know-how and information technology.

We are a medium sized company with offices in Roskilde and Holbaek and have a staff of more than 60 employees, of which 11 are state authorized public accountants.

Our aim is to give pro-active and personal business advice to our clients and help them to achieve optimal financial results.

We believe that business advice should be individually tailored to the needs and interests of the clients.

Many of our clients opt for a service model where the accountant maintains continuous contact with the client and is also an active management consultant. Therefore we constantly update our know-how in these areas.

In order to achieve the objectives set out in our mission statement, we only work with the most skilled and decicated employees.

All employees at RIR Revision regularly attend advanced training courses with special focus on professional development and state of the art information technology.

RIR Revision is highly esteemed locally for the quality of its products. Annual accounts drawn up by RIR Revision can be trusted by the reader and the outside world.

In 1992 RIR Revision initiated the establishment of RevisorGruppen Denmark, which is a nation-wide association of independent state authorised public accountancy firms. Today RevisiorGruppen Denmark comprises 22 member firms with a total of 65 offices throughout Denmark. Quality control and internal training are just a few of the advantages of our membership of RevisorGruppen Denmark.

Since 1989 RIR Revision has been an independent member of BKR International, a leading global association of independent accounting and business advisory firms representing the expertise of more than 160 member firms with over 500 offices in over 80 countries around the world.

Being a member of BKR International means that we have obtained a solid, international experience by working with subsidiaries of foreign companies in Denmark. It also means that we have established valuable contacts so that we are able to handle questions concerning accounts, tax, VAT etc. in other countries around the World.

Here you can find more information about doing business in Denmark.

Products and services
Besides auditing and accountancy assistance we offer consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Annual accounts
  • Bookkeeping assistance
  • Budgeting
  • Company acquisitions and sales
  • Company foundations
  • Company structure
  • Consultancy on international issues
  • Financial consultancy
  • Green annual accounts
  • IT consultancy
  • Management consultancy
  • Management control
  • Organisation and staff recruiting
  • Tax consultancy/planning
  • Succession

We have professional contacts with solicitors and banks and give clients access to high quality assistance in these areas as well.

How to get in contact with us
We are always ready to answer questions and provide further information, and we offer potential clients a free initial meeting to discuss their needs and our services.


Birgit Sode


Phone: +45 4636 6000
E-mail bs@rir.dk